Tuesday, 17 March 2009


ARGH!! everything went wrong on this particular day.. uff.. last last night went to bed very very late.. around 11.30! DAMN! Then woke up very very late around 6.00! HELL! went to school with sleepy eyes.. (~.~) uff.. so tired man~ and i hate this monday.. chemistry we had done some calculation, which i think very very .... ARGHH.. maths so far so good.. then GP, like eyyeww~ finally econs.. fuhh.. sleeping time! :P grrrr.. i hate it! and i was just like waiting for my dad to pick me up.. like ONE AN A HALF HOUR! damn.. so damnly tired.. then pick up my mum then we went to plaza atirah.. uff.. i had been waiting to have nice beauty rest but the peeps around me like.. err.. doesnt even care.. God!

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