Wednesday, 18 March 2009


6.35 pagi! Wah.. awal ku bgun x ane.. hahaha.. last day of school today.. hmm.. kinda excited but feels boring.. huhu

Assignment @ Asam!

1. GP - booklet about superstition

2. Maths - functions and quadratics

3. Chem - volumetric calculation II


Today.. hmm how should i describe ahh.. idk, today was just nice.. not too good but not too bad lah.. hahaha apakn.. 1st block was maths, so far very very SIUK with the topic.. hahaha apakn, function x ahh.. yg snang.. haha.. then have to rush to the chemist lab which is upstairs... urgh.. i was just running up the stairs and soo suddently i miss step! DAMN.. argh! Bek jua nda urg.. lw nda mlu eyh.. so far im fine with this accident.. hahaha! lol.. the worst part was i have to do my vols 1 questions... ufff.. so tired bh ey.. cMaw g mcm what~what is this? what is that? hahaha.. too damly confusing bh.. tionks, tp bek jua lps block 5 break.. haha smbung g ps.. brakal~ hahaha after ps.. econs block 2.. TEST!! hahaha.. tp bek jua ok..2kaping kaats dpn blakang.. bnyk 2 yo! Bek mluah jua idea2 a2.. bek lh pokoknya.. daun nya nda tau ah.. hahaha xp

ptg kn.. ada cramah wah psal maulidur rasul.. hahaha hajat ne nda kn dtg.. tp dmistikn due 2 kdtangn dambil kira.. luii! wasting bh dlm mph ah.. nantox rsanya.. tp siap bh maths asam ku.. bru ya.. tngl 1/5 lg maths ah.. hahaha


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Still old school.

I just cant believe we are still together.. during ps, break time and even lunch.. we all gather up together on our SDP spot.. god.. i thought when we re going to pre-U, we going to be separated.. but yeah.. we manage to enjoy our time together.. still SMMN, just like the old school.. I've been thinking, what will happened to us when we graduate??


ARGH!! everything went wrong on this particular day.. uff.. last last night went to bed very very late.. around 11.30! DAMN! Then woke up very very late around 6.00! HELL! went to school with sleepy eyes.. (~.~) uff.. so tired man~ and i hate this monday.. chemistry we had done some calculation, which i think very very .... ARGHH.. maths so far so good.. then GP, like eyyeww~ finally econs.. fuhh.. sleeping time! :P grrrr.. i hate it! and i was just like waiting for my dad to pick me up.. like ONE AN A HALF HOUR! damn.. so damnly tired.. then pick up my mum then we went to plaza atirah.. uff.. i had been waiting to have nice beauty rest but the peeps around me like.. err.. doesnt even care.. God!

Sunday, 15 March 2009


FOOD!! oh boy~ I am addicted to eat and eat and eat.. I cant stop thinking about FOOD! Hahaha.. odw the sun goes down.. *I THINK!* hahaha



Hmmm.. 2molo bbyboysygku ndaa! huhuhu.. ea k SMMN psal kna gi pnghargaan stuff.. Huhu(~_~) Boeng nii.. aaa.. 2molo g blek kul 3ptg.. whaaa.. btah 2 yoo.. hahaha prcticl pny psal.. aduii...