Tuesday, 3 March 2009

DAY 1 at ptek

the ori. day went very well.. not to mention the butterflies flying around in my stomach! DAMN.. i went very well and i met this crazy new gengs. Raneh a.k.a ujan nd afiqah a.k.a bju biru (The craziest one), hadayat, sabrina, ram, ain, zahraa, zirah (Sporting punyaa~) hahaha at first i talked only with zirah coz she's from sbt and i knew her already.. then i met hadayat.. nyanyah jua lh cdayat ne.. then spreading2 tia prkenalanya.. and and ram.. whoosh! plukis comik handalan yo.. hahaha.. anyway.. this ori not so much "BULI" and i was like feuuh~ hahaha.. when the distribution of T-shirt.. everybody were aware of the colours due to some of it were "MENYALA" and thank god my t-shirt colour are red! HAHAHA.. and the size is M. oh man~ to big sekali bh.. aduii..


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