Thursday, 12 March 2009

BIG day yesterday!

1st i went 4 gp class.. then when the tcr call out our name one by one.. my name doesnt exist on the list! HELL. like 3 days i went for the class but no one, even my tcr, realised i was in the wrong class! hahaha.. very very unlucky.. 2nd period 2 should be maths.. but i went upstairs for chemistry! DAMN. wrong class again~ uff.. i hv 2 like running around the block and find my maths class.. uff~ so tired man~ maths class went prety well i suppoz.. aftr that ws break time.. at this time i went to the english department to see which block i actually in.. and when i asked sir lyndon.. he goes into hunches... GOD! SAVE ME! bt then ther was prety lookin tcr who help me.. and all sorted out.. im in gp class block L3.1... what a very tiring day~


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