Friday, 20 February 2009

I'm sorry

Last night, I went online my msn. Then I felt like I want to write something. So, here goes the “Dear Diary”. I write about the unnecessary things that happened on 20th February 2009.on this date… hmmm it supposed to be fun, but it turns out to be a major disaster. I hate it! Here goes the story…

After sembahyang Jumat, my parent bought me to the Seri Kenangan Building located in Kampong Kiulap. My mother drew out her money at the A.T.M while my father went to Gadong for some spare parts problems for his car *I guess*. Anyway, we (my mother and I) went to Shimko and KoForm just to kill the time while waiting for my father to arrive. Then my mother bought me to Huo Ho to buy some sundries for my brother. Suddenly, silly idea stroke to my mother’s brain. “Why not we go for a short cut?” Hey what??? To my curiosity I asked her “Which short cuts do you referring? “ “THERE!” my mother shouted and pointed to the IGS collage. Oh ma~ you most be crazy! She must think that when the door was unlocked everybody could come in. Hmmm... I walked with embarrassed while my mother was too damnly excited to walk in the IGS collage. However something changed when I went into the collage, strange but I felt it! The excitement, the environment, the surrounding, it smells like I am stepping my foot to the second stage, which is adulthood. And yeah, it was proved when I saw a bunch of (I don’t know teenagers maybe) listening lecture-ing stuff, I could see their enthusiast listening when they don’t even realized I was passing by. Fuhh.. I had enough embarrassed in one day. We continued to walk until we found our way to exit. On the way to hua ho, I saw Chinese teens that were practicing dance move. Damn! They were cool man!! I wish I could dance like them. Anyhow, we went to the store and brought sundries. I wish I could buy the whole store!! Here comes the bad part of the story. My father kept calling me on the phone and when I answer it, he seems to be not-in-the-good-mood. Oh damn this was a major bad news. When we finished buying stuff, we went home. On the car, my father was in his silent mode. Damn! I felt awkward. My mother asked me to order Tapai I talked and talked and I made a mistake. At that moment, my father became angry and scolded me. For just only single mistake he… :’(. When we arrived home, I ran as fast as I could towards my bedroom. I switched on TV and set it to large volume and I play DDR. Maybe it was the best method to realize your stress. My brain cannot perform anything, I couldn’t think clearly. My body is covered with “sweat layer shield “a-Ha. I felt relief and act as nothing had happened to me. As usual I watched my favorite TV shows entitled ‘Lee San, the wind of palace’. I do my usual routine which is online my msn Ha-Ha. Then Hafiz told me very funny unbelievable story. It was around half past nine.

Hafiz: Hey Fiq, mau tau satu ceta?
Me: what?
Hafiz: c Amal tnya aku yg aku ne ada papa kh sma ko? Then….
Me: Hahahahah den2?
Hafiz: aku ckp la ko gf ku. Hahaha x na ya caya.
Me: weh.. Panat ko neh.. Hahaha na patut2 bh.. tp napa ya na cya?
Hafiz: Sal aku ckap dgn ktawa 1x.. aha
Me: Hahaha…
Hafiz: bh mun ea tnya ko.. ckap ja au… hahaha
Me: eh kn ngana kn urg usulnya ko ane.. hahaha.. bh aku on ne
Hafiz: bh fiq off ku dlu kn tdo.
Then our conversation ends there. But later around half past ten or so, I received text message from my old mate cRuzaiman.. hahaha he asking me whether I am OK or not. Maybe because of my nick kali.. hahah.. sorry man, I am not in the good at that time… I’m sorry yeaa.
TE- Cheers.